Ayecka's Products

Ayecka’s technology is the building blocks of its products. Ayecka has a range of unique and advanced technologies that assure our products are most advanced and innovative as well as cost effective and intuitive.

The technology that is referred as the “smartLNB” or “RFModem” is a new technology, pioneered by Ayecka and includes the following main aspects:

  • All Out Door Unit (ODU) design, containing the complete communication system:

  • Single Coax to the home to simplify the installation
  • Backward Support of existing Set Top Box (STB) for Legacy TV support
  • Low Delay, low complexity and yet high capacity system – Using Iterative interference cancellation technology at the Hub.
  • Spread spectrum to enable use of receive only antenna for transmitting back to satellite.

The Hardware Accelerator technology allows us to have real broadband modems with no packet per second limitation.

Ayecka’s products process IP data delivered over a satellite link in a specially designed FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) ASIC, which enables the processing of the maximum possible DVB-S2 channel rate without any PPS (Packet Per Second) or Mbps limitations.

Web Interface: version 2.1.3

Ayecka is proud to present another simple, small and powerful solution - the web interface for Ayecka products. The Web Interface uses standard LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) to provide a flexible and intuitive Web Interface for its products.

In this version:
  • Added system information
  • Mac address calculated automatically
  • Progress bar added
  • Improved performance

PHP files and installation instructions are provided. Try our demo