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Satellite communication

Ayecka holds many years of satellite communication experience. Expertise that covers the full range and aspects involved in satellite communication - from selection of equipment to Link budgets. From network architecture to selection of modulation schemes.


Ayecka expertise in satellite communication are offered to you both in our products and consulting services.


As veterans of Satellite communication ayecka team was of the first to understand the potential of the DVB-S2 standard. Based on years of experience and deep understanding of the technology, Ayecka was able to translate the capabilities of the new standards into products that drive business.


Ayecka proved to be a leader in implementing of the shelf chip sets into its products. The understanding of customers need, market drives and the DVB-S2 technology are offered to you both in our products and consulting services.

Hardware Accelerator

Our hardware accelerator is the "secret sauce" of our products. Implementing the De-Capsulation and traffic management in FPGA allow us to offer our customers wire speed performance, available only in high end product, at an affordable price. The hardware accelerator allows Ayecka to offer full channel speed (up to 240Mbps) with minimal jitter and NO packet per second (PPS) limitation. With the high performance of the hardware accelerator, Ayecka products can support all demanding applications like delivery of broadcast-quality video over IP.

Digital TV transmission

Ayecka team's familiarity with digital TV transmission technology covers all aspects of delivery of MPEG streams over different Medias. Combining this technology with satellite communication and IP networking gives Ayecka the ability to provide cost effective solutions for digital video transmission.

Protocols and Algorithms

By years of developing digital communication solutions Ayecka team gained in-depth understanding of many digital communication protocols and algorithms.


Theoretical and practical understanding of error correction codes, compression algorithms, Modulation techniques and more, give Ayecka the tools to develop solutions that optimize cost and performance.


United States Patent No. 7,603,075